Lake Michigan Ice Caves

Lake Michigan Ice Caves

Lake Michigan Ice Caves

Ice Caves on Lake Michigan

It’s been a severe winter in northern Michigan this year. The wild weather this year has brought frigid temperatures, mountains of snow, and large waves to the lakeshore. We can now add ice caves to that list!

The spectacular formations on Lake Michigan have been caused by the way the lake has frozen this year: a mixture of sudden freezing caused by historic low temperatures, a gradual pileup of pack ice, and wave action adding freezing spray to the equation. The results are stunning: cavernous caves, precipitous cliffs, and an ice pack stretching to the Manitous.

Naturally, we couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves!

The information we had been given told us to head to Gills Pier Road, just a little north of Leland. Apparently others had heard the same advice! When we got there, there were literally hundreds of cars parked at the side of the road and throngs of people walking, snowshoeing, and skiing along it. It looked like summertime crowds!

Wanting to escape the crowds, we headed farther north up the coast towards Northport, and turned in at a deserted Peterson Park.

A short hike down to the lake and across the ice brought us to the spectacular sights below.

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